giveIt is the mission of the Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

YMCA programs and services are made available to all people in the communities it serves. Therefore, no one is turned away because of their inability to pay. Financial assistance is available for both membership and program services. The YMCA also subsidizes worthwhile youth programs that meet community needs such as youth sports and child care. Funds to pay for worthwhile YMCA programs and services come from several sources, including donations from the community. There are several ways for individuals or businesses to help support the work of the YMCA.

Annual Campaign

In February and March of each year, numerous YMCA volunteers solicit donations from individuals and businesses in the local area. These contributions allow the YMCA to provide financial assistance and subsidize community programs offered to all age groups.

Monetary donations for the Annual Campaign are not limited to the campaign period in the spring of the year; buy may be made at any time. If you are approached by a volunteer during the campaign period, please give generously.

Legacy Club

Created to ensure that the Mt. Sterling Community Center work is continued for years to come. The purpose of the Legacy Club is to encourage thoughtful gifts as a means of building a strong endowment capable of providing lasting support for the Center’s mission and programs such as those currently offered by the YMCA.

Endowment Fund

The Mt. Sterling YMCA manages a budget to keep its doors open on a day to day basis. However, long-term sustainability can only be done through careful planning. Just as an individual plans for their retirement, an organization must plan for the long-term as well. With that in mind, the Mt. Sterling Community Center Endowment Fund has been established. Endowed funds are established to ensure the long-term viability of an organization by eventually providing income through interest earned. Donations to the Endowment Fund may be made in a variety of ways, including cash, stocks and bonds, real estate, life insurance benefits, and even closely-held business interests. Many of these methods allow the donor to qualify for maximum allowable income tax deductions or may be considered as a charitable contribution, thereby avoiding capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

Gift of Grain

Your crops are your livelihood. You prepare, you plant, you nurture and they grow. That is exactly what a charitable gift to your Community Foundation will do.  It will grow the future of your community. The Community Foundation holds an endowment for the Mt. Sterling Community Center. A gift to the endowment will have an effect generations from now. The investment now would yield a great return by ensuring a safe, healthy place for youth, teens, families and seniors for years to come.

By giving your grain to the Community Foundation, earmarked for our Fund, you avoid including the sale of the grain in your farm income. Although a charitable income tax deduction is generally not available to you, the avoidance of declaring it as income is a significant benefit. You deduct the cost of growing the crops which typically results in saving self-employment tax, federal income tax and state income tax.

More information on the Gift of Grain program can be found on the Community Foundation website or by calling (217) 222-1237.

A gift to the Mt. Sterling Community Center Fund can also be made through other means, including gifts through your will or living trust, life insurance, cash, appreciated securities, pension plans and IRAs. Your legal, tax and financial advisors can help you make the right decision for you.


Honoring a loved one through a donation to the Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA is another option. The YMCA has touched the lives of so many people in the community that it is hard to find anyone that doesn’t have their own “YMCA story.” Why not keep those memories alive through a lasting memorial to the YMCA? Whether monetary or with a physical donation of a needed item, a memorial to the YMCA is a lasting way to honor a member of the Y family, as well as a member of your own.

The Gift of Time

Sometimes the hardest thing to give is one’s time. The Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA has many opportunities for volunteerism. We are always looking for coaches, campaigners, and committee members. For more information, view our Volunteer section on this website.

Wish List Fulfillment

Like many other nonprofits, the Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA has operational and facility needs that are outside the scope of the normal budgetary abilities. There are items of every price range on our Wish List. It could be anything from new computer equipment or programs, building supplies, a new treadmill, toys for our youth programs, or replacement fitness class equipment. For anyone interested in making a donation that is reflected in a more material manner, our Wish List is a wonderful way to support the Mt. Sterling Community Center YMCA.

To speak with someone about any of the above methods of giving, please contact Jeff Summers at (217) 773-2230.